Welcome To Goalkeeper Agent: So Who Are We, Why Are We Different, And More Importantly, How Can We Help You?

Goalkeeper agent is an arm of Just4keepers, also called J4K. J4K is a specialist goalkeeper school that started in 1999 and has been helping goalkeepers in thirty plus countries and across six continents achieve their goalkeeping dreams.

Ran by ex-professional goalkeepers, J4K has helped more goalkeepers achieve their dreams, more than any similar organisation in history.

So helping goalkeepers is in our blood and is something we have been very successfully doing for twenty plus years, but now we want to take our goalkeeper service a step further and provide goalkeepers who get to professional and or semi-professional levels representation… but with a difference that is benefical to the goalkeeper.


If you are seventeen years plus and currently at a semi or professional football (soccer) club or you feel you have what it takes to make the grade, but have been over looked, please complete the form below to arrange a time to have a non-obligated chat.
If you (or your goalkeeping child) is under sixteen and you are looking for representation and or to be showcased, please visit: www.just4keepers.com USA or www.just4keepers.co.uk UK

So What Is Unique With Goalkeeper Agent.

With goalkeeper agent, we do not tie you into a long-term contract and for the most part we work on a gentlemen’s agreement. So this takes all the risk away for you, because if you feel we are not best serving you, you can simple walk away.

We do not believe in taking a percentage from your wage, because your wage, is your wage, so we have a very unique fee structure, that makes it more financially fairer for you.

Goalkeeping is all about confidence and even the best of the best suffers from lack of confidence from time to time, so as our client, if you need to build your confidence and or mind-set, we can help you… for free.

So we can best serve you and our other clients we do not have too many players on our books and it goes without saying, we are only ever purely goalkeeper focused.

Another unique thing we do is help you create your own sports business and sports brand with our DONE FOR YOU WEBSITE and business model, so by the time your goalkeeping career is finished, you will have a ready made sports business and brand to walk into.

We can guarantee you a goalkeeper glove sponsorship, and can also help you get other sports wear sponsorship deals.

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If Yes, Simply Complete the form and advise a good time to call you.

Any information given, will be dealt with the upmost Confidentiality!

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