Goalkeeper Trial Days

As you can appreciate we cannot take on and represent every goalkeeper who sends us their video but we do believe there will be a diamond in the rough, so what we do three times per year is run Goalkeeper Trial days.

We charge £47 for the day and they are held around the UK.

What happens on trial day?

  1. An ex professional or International Goalkeeper will take the training, normally 10am to 2pm
  2. You will get an assessment showing you where your strenghs and weakness are.
  3. The sessions are videoed and put on the Internet so you can watch (for free) yourself in action
  4. As well as you getting assessed on the day, you will also get coached.

If you impress?

If we think you have talent and you have a chance of making the grade, we will sign you up with goalkeeper agent and represent you for free. We will then push you to as many professional clubs as we can.

For our next trial day, visit www.goalkeepertrials.com and book your place!




Joining J4K

If you're interested in becoming a coach for one of the world's best goalkeeper schools, we'd love to hear from you.