Becoming a GK Client

We get literally hundreds of requests every month from goalkeepers wanting GK Agent to look after them for all their goalkeeping needs but we sadly can only take a ‘select amount’ of goalkeepers on our books because we want to give our goalkeeper clients 100% of our efforts and attention.

So how do you become a GK Client?

Well there are two categories of goalkeeper we look to represent:

Category ONE Goalkeeper:

These are goalkeepers that are already at a certain high level of goalkeeping, whether they have played as a scholar at a professional club, semi professional, professional or International

For the goalkeepers in this category, please just email so we can arrange to chat to see if we help you. If you are not in this category please do not email as we cannot respond.

Category TWO Goalkeeper:

Are goalkeepers that will be not known to us, basically because they are under 21 or are playing local amateur or semi professional football or you might be a parent trying to push your child. This type of goal keeper (or parent) will have to send a video of themselves (or child) playing and training in goal.

If you would like to be considered by the GK Goalkeeper Agency please see ‘how to’ below:

How to send in your goalkeeping details:

Please Note: Sadly because of th idiots that send in stupid or vulgar videos to protect our time we have to charge a one off payment of either £19.99 or £47. However, if we take you on our books and decide to represent you, this money is refunded.

There are 2 options open to you:

Option 1 (£19.99): Simply send us your video, we will check you out and give you a simple yes or no. You will get a one page explanation why, if we do say no.

Option 2 (£47.00): Again send us your video and you will recieve:

TWO FREE goalkeeper training sessions at a Just4keepers venue nearest you.
A FREE pair of J4K Pro Roll goalkeeper gloves worth £45. (see picture at bottom of page)
An assessment sheet on your current goalkeeping level after we have watched your video.
A game plan on how to improve your goalkeeping.

And... A Copy of the ebook, ‘How to become a professional goalkeeper’ worth £12.99

Option 2 you are basically getting for free as you are getting nearly £60 worth of free gifts.

Once you have picked your option below and paid, we will contact you with instructions on where to send your video of yourself in action.


Please Pick Option

Joining J4K

If you're interested in becoming a coach for one of the world's best goalkeeper schools, we'd love to hear from you.